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Version: 4.0

isHotkeyPressed API

Function signature:

function isHotkeyPressed(key: string | string[], splitKey: string = ','): boolean

This function allows us to check if a specific key is pressed by the user.

const isHotkeyPressed = useIsHotkeyPressed();

const onClick = () => isHotkeyPressed('shift') ? setCount(count - 1) : setCount(count + 1);



key: string | string[]

The key we want to listen to. This can be a string (like 'a', 'shift+a') or an array of strings (like ['a', 'shift+a']).


key: string = ','

We can combine to check for multiple keys in one string by separating them with a comma (,). We can change this by passing a different key.

Return value


The function returns true if the key or keystroke is currently pressed down, otherwise it will return false.