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Version: 3.x

isHotkeyPressed API

Function signature:

function isHotkeyPressed(key: string | number): boolean

This function allows us to check if a specific key is pressed by the user.

const isHotkeyPressed = useIsHotkeyPressed();

const onClick = () => isHotkeyPressed('shift') ? setCount(count - 1) : setCount(count + 1);



key: string | number

The key we want to listen to. This can be a string (like 'a', 'shift') or a keycode number like 13 for the return/enter key or 65 for the a key.

Multiple keys are not supported

Currently this function can only check for one key at a time. So something like isHotkeyPressed('shift, a, c') won't work. This might change in version 4.

Return value


The function returns true if the key is currently pressed down, otherwise it will return false.