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Version: 3.x


This function allows us to check if the user is currently pressing down a key.

Basic Usage

Import the isHotkeyPressed function from the package:

import { isHotkeyPressed } from 'react-hotkeys-hook';

or if you are using require style syntax:

const { isHotkeyPressed } = require('react-hotkeys-hook')
// or
const isHotkeyPressed = require('react-hotkeys-hook').isHotkeyPressed

Check for pressed keys on callbacks

One common use case would be to check if the user

function ExampleComponent() {
const [count, setCount] = useState(0);

const onClick = () => isHotkeyPressed('shift') ? setCount(count - 1) : setCount(count + 1);

return (
<p>The count is: {count}</p>
<button onClick={onClick}>Alter the count</button>