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· 2 min read
Johannes Klauss

New Docs

The last couple of weeks I overhauled the documentation to better explain how the hook works and what you can do with it. I hope this will reduce questions that are frequently popping up in the issues panel of the Github repo. The new site is powered by Docusaurus, an awesome tool to quickly set up a complete documentation ecosystem. Be sure to check that out if you yourself have to write a documentation.

This includes a Quick Start section, extensive documentation about every parameter the hook accepts with a lot of examples to cover different scenarios, different approaches, pitfalls and shortcomings.

The recipes section will get content later on. I might also add a comparison page to other hotkey packages for react, probably the most interesting would be a comparison to react-hotkeys.

If you find any typos, confusing sentences, have questions or think that some points need to be elaborated on, please let me know by opening an issue.

There is no search functionality yet. I hope to add that soon.

I will now start the work on version 4, which everyone is welcome to contribute to. There is an open issue titled "Roadmap to Version 4" where you can join our discussion about what version 4 should look like and add feature wise.

New Support Channel

Since there are popping up question on all different kind of channels (Github issues, email, private messages, etc.) on how to use react-hotkeys-hook I added a discussions panel on the Github Repo. If you have questions please use this section to ask them, and I am happy to help you out. Make sure to use the Q&A category. Of course you can also ask your questions on Stackoverflow.

Ask a question on Github Discussions

Ask a question on Stackoverflow

Last but not least: thank you all for the ongoing interest in this package.

In need for a logo/icon

I'd love to have an icon for this package, but I have zero talent for graphic design. If anybody would like to contribute a small and simple logo for this package, I'd more than welcome it.